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- Case Studies -

Our client-centric spirit coupled with our understandings of credit and commercial risks allow us to fill in the mid-market credit gap. Select case studies presented here to illustrate the types and situtations of the financing solutions we typically devise for our clients. 

Asset Backed Loan
Entrepreneur Loan
Equity Loan
Account Receivable Loan

1st Legal Charge

Borrower is a property developer in Guangdong China and had immediate financial obligations to meet. Joy Rich was able to provide a 12 month loan with high LTV against his property at the Cullinan valued at HKD38 million atop the Kowloon station in a short span of time without the requirement for income proof in Hong Kong.

2nd Legal Charge

Borrower is engaged in consumer goods trading business and had ongoing working capital requirements to meet. Since borrower has exhausted conventional funding avenues from banks, Joy Rich was able to provide a 20 month asset backed loan with 2nd legal charge with high LTV against his property at Bel-Air on Hong Kong Island valued at HKD30 million with flexible principal repayment profile.

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Personal Guaranteed Loan

Borrower is a logistic company owner in Hong Kong and had an requirement of capitals for urgent business requirement. Joy Rich quickly reviewed the case and on the next day provided an effective working capital solutions to him.

Convertible Loan

Borrower is a high growth cloud enterprise application company in South East Asia, with double digit growth in revenue year on year. Joy Rich provided capital financing in the form of a convertible loan to fund expenses of a planned IPO listing.

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Holding Company Loan

Borrower is a property development company and had an urgent requirement for short term loan to fund its development. Joy Rich was able to finance the borrower against the shares of its holding company as security.

Loan Against Securities

Borrower is an investor with holdings in numerous listed companies in Hong Kong. Joy Rich was able to quickly propose an effective financing solution to the borrower against the quality of his publicly listed securities, allowing him to monetize his investments without comprising on the potential upside gains.

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Borrower is a construction materials supply company and had daily cash requirement for its operations. However, its customers typically take 1 month to settle the payment after invoice is sent at each month end. Joy Rich was able to devise a rolling working capital solution against the receivables to fund his ongoing cash requirements.

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