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Joy Rich offers a range of short to medium term financing solutions to cater for immediate and urgent capitals requirements of entrepreneurs and business owners. Flexible tenors, competitive rates and fast approval time allow our clients to capitalise on timely capital allocation decision.  

Asset Backed Loan

Specializing in asset backed loan (1st or 2nd legal charge) against high value luxury residential and commercial properties


Entrepreneur Loan

Providing businessmen and entrepreneurs an alternative funding avenue to conventional financing means.


Equity Loan

Loan against shares of private and public companies.


Account Receivables Loan

Financing the credit period offered to your customers, helping you to grow your business further.


Asset Backed Loan

Specialization in luxury residential and commercial properties, providing the most efficient asset backed financing solutions.

Loan up to 90%  of your property value in the form of 1st or 2nd legal charged asset backed loan, providing you with maximum value for your property.

Reference Terms:

  • Loan Products: 1st and/or 2nd Legal Charge

  • Collaterals: Luxury Residential or Commercial Properties or Offshore assets holding company

  • Maximum Loan Amount: HKD80 million

  • Property Location: Hong Kong or China

  • Loan Tenor: 2 months to 3 years

  • Loan Repayment: Bullet or Amortized

  • Currency: HKD or RMB or USD

  • Loan to Value: Maximum 90% of market value

  • Credit Approval Time: min. 6 hours

Flexibility in interest payment and principal repayment terms. You can decide the interest payment frequency and tenor as per your requirements.

Personalized Service provided by our professional team at onset as well as after loan disbursement.

Quick and Easy approval process without the requirement for income proof. We will assign a dedicated relationship manager to service you.

Equity Loan
  • Unlocking value of your shareholdings in publicly listed companies.

  • Majority shareholding in privately held companies will also be considered as valid collaterals.

  • Provides further flexibility to our valued clients for an holistic financing solution.

Reference Terms:

  • Loan Products: Loan secured by Public and/or Private shareholding

  • Collaterals: Publicly listed companies in Hong Kong or cash generating private company

  • Property Location: Hong Kong or China

  • Loan Tenor: maximum 1 year

  • Loan Repayment: Bullet or Amortized

  • Currency: HKD or RMB or USD

  • Loan to Value: Approved on a case-by-case basis

Entrepreneur Loan
  • Tailor made for Entrepreneurs.

  • Flexible structuring options.

  • Less stringent compared to conventional means.

  • Help grow your business or fund your IPO listing expenses.

Reference Terms:

  • Loan Products: Personal Loan or Company Loan

  • Security: company share warrants or options and/or personal guarantee

  • Loan Tenor: up to 2 years

  • Currency: HKD or RMB or USD

Account Receivable Loan
  • Ideal for manufacturer or trading business to expand sales.

  • Proprietary credit assessment framework on obligors allowing effective financing means.

  • Unlocking cash from working capitals.

Reference Terms:

  • Loan Products: Loan secured by assignment of receivables

  • Collaterals: Receivables by approved buyers

  • Location: Hong Kong or China

  • Loan Tenor: maximum 6 months

  • Loan Repayment: Receivables Discounting

  • Currency: HKD or RMB or USD

  • Loan to Value: Approved on a case-by-case basis


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